Yo Ho Yo Homies A Slabbers Life For Me

I somehow ended up at the internet cafe and pirates this morning. Rhubarb told me to come say hi and for whatever reason I want to sculpt a chess set i have no actual use for, and hes an avid player so after some morning drama (my ride is an asshole and took off with my stuff) I ended up stuck there. Not really its less than a mile away but its hot and im lazy and the pirates and Charlie the bike guy are good guys so I got lunch stuff with some of the donation money (love you guys) and you shoulda seen their faces light up. Met a guy who has gone 3 states on a bike and the cafe made sweet tea and Charlie grouched at me like the grouchy old man he is. Jessica is hilararious and told me how sad it was when pirate Rob left cuz the crew can barely feed themselves. They seemed great to me though and theres a lot of cool art around, ill have to walk over for tea more often.

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