Would You Like Fries With That?

I have a questionable past in a lot of ways. Ive been punched in the face so many times I have brain damage – obviously that isnt normal. Im not overly scared alone in the slabs cuz I can fight, if I have to. Probably. Im kinda old and crippled these days. But let me tell you about the worst job I ever had – enforcement. No not the law kind (LOL) the kind that enforces things if you have the right money/power. Mainly it was if someone owed money to some shot caller or MC.

I was introduced to it in true autistic literal fashion – I started dating a guy who laughingly told me he repo’d cars. He was friends with my best friend Chris. They laughed I nodded then found out much later what he did was force people who owed an MC I wont name money to sign over their cars. He looked like an accountant and was kinda terrifying but for awhile cried every time he saw me. Said i broke his heart. It was so awkward and weird.

So when I was looking for money quick I was told I could work enforcement and be the lure to get guys out in the dark alley so to speak. Being bait blows. Many of them, upon realizing what id done, would start swinging. I worked with 2 guys mostly, Keith and Kyle. Those names though.

In my head they were the ambiguously gay duo.

Anyways they tried to intercept and were pretty solid, if violent, guys…but I got my i’s dotted endless times. Im sure its one more thing im headed to hell for but you can make thousands in a few hours and honestly id take a punch right now for a few thousand.

I also worked 3 years at Walmart as a cashier, and that was some shit too.

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  1. Ahhh Chris the loveble fuckable whackadoodle! Lol I’m sure working Walmart was some crazy shit too. I imagine I would dot my own i’s working there
    Love ya

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