I Can Make You Famous

Theres a meme that goes around the social networks that I play often. It reads:
“Badly” explain your profession.
My answers:
I teach attention whores how to sell out.
I help housewives cash in on their skills.
I pay people to click on links.
I make Facebook pages.
I make dreams come true.
I am a media marketing specialist. I “specialize” if you will, in viral content marketing.
I realized a couple years ago that no one I know has any idea what that means, which is absolutely hilarious. Some have known me for decades. Most politely resist asking if I’m unemployed. It also tells me a lot about people – do they ask or furtively hint around. Do they assume it’s something else entirely? The answer is usually superficial.
I have worked by word of mouth my entire career. And I work silently, you may not even know it’s me. I’m going to go public with a couple of things soon though. An art supply store, and possibly a couple other specialty online shops, a webhost, and my marketing services. Which means making a price list. Oh, you still don’t even know what I do, huh?
That’s hard to explain, or price. Basically I figure out a person or companies goal online, and make it happen. For most I am done in a couple months, they just need direction. Others have a direction or goal that will take years. And one I’ve worked on for free at times, for years, because I believe in their vision. But whatever end goal they start roughly the same. First they have to have a website – google really does own the world and that’s how we let google know who someone is. We identify our overall goal to build the site around and get it up. Then we make social media profiles for the top 2-4 networks, and make sure all the banner pictures and logos and such fit and look nice. We use marketing software to find articles & websites their followers are likely to enjoy and those are scheduled to post regularly during the times and days that are best for that industry. The website is then connected to whatever social network accounts available so sharing is an easy push of a button, and a mailing list is begun. While doing this I advise the client on the best approach in social media marketing – like the way video is seen by the most people, and we decide whether the client or agency will keep the profiles and site updated. Since one of the first things I do when hired is set up analytics after everything is running smoothly we meet and discuss what works and doesn’t and my suggested strategy. Then either they stay on with me and pay a retainer on a marketing plan and/or social media maintenance. Or I hand over the controls to everything and they continue on their own until they’re want another contract.
And they do come back. That works. Word of mouth works because even though I work silently behind the scenes I’m really really good at what I do. Initial growth on any venture is slow but it’s obvious when it stops, so they come back, and since I’ve started I’ve had as many clients as I could handle.
They weren’t the right clients though. I’m the one who wants to break up.
I want to make dreams come true but I have dreams too. I want my little town and county to thrive. I want the same for my kids, the ones who just show up at my house and the ones I’ve adopted online because I love their spirit or talent, and the ones I haven’t met yet.
I want to work with the people I care about, my friends, not big nameless companies. You may not have noticed but another thing that works in content is a lot of words. You gotta be able to ramble so long story longer – it’ll be a little longer on the pricelist, I’m figuring out how to word “$75 an hour but will work for food if you’re a food pantry, a better world is acceptable pay.” but if you need a marketing specialist send me a message. Will work for soul food and the doctor is in, and don’t worry, we can bill you for that later.

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