This Aint Italy So Hold The Venetian Sausage

I know that title makes zero sense but sometimes blogging is really hard. Earlier I was thinking about what to write while digging but all I could think was its illegal to swim in the canal but if you should happen to fall in at night I bet every clump that floated by would make you pee a little and that’s why its also a bad idea to drink canal water. Plus that last clump for sure had hair and theres some things even a life straw cant help and hair in your teeth is for sure a dealbreaker.

Thats probably why I cut the step too far over making a straight staircase impossible. And I know a spiral staircase would be way cooler but ive got shit to do and even if it looks weird one that hangs slightly left will still get you there and wont ditch you on your birthday. Plus its not the only thing here that isnt straight ifyouknowwhatimean. The back steps not me, they start 4 feet up and dont connect but I guess im the only frogger fan.

Not that I dont like girls but they take forever and I have the attention span of a gnat so 10 minutes in im whining im an artist not a contractor so id rather demand everyone arrive via interprative dance so start thinking of how you’d translate lesbian seagull cuz you will be graded. Then its all cacaw bitches cacaw is neither appropriate pillow talk, Amber, nor a rousing battle cry for the other squad to bring it. And seriously who has time for this shit people should appreciate how quickly you arrive at the bottom with the current system and also that I keep most of my thoughts to myself.

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