The FuqU Fairies Are Born

I gotta share this even tho I just started or I’ll forget, I take around 2 years on a painting usually. And they do mean something so I don’t sell them. 2-3 a year maybe. But I could use money so when someone messaged saying they love my work are they for sale I said a couple and sent a pic of my skull fairy. She said it was kinda pretty but did it have to be so dark and have a skull? So I sent one where the fairy was hiding her face behind a wing, and she was heavyset. Her response “That’s better! She’s not as pretty though, anything else? Keep practicing one day you’re going to be a great artist!”
I was…annoyed but you know I’m all about pleasing people so i told her “Thank you! I’m going to take your suggestions to heart and paint one just for you right now!”.
She msg’d me all day, so excited and making sure her piece got priority. Sure, I can shave 2 years down to 2 days. Anyways what do you guys think? Is she gonna love it?!

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