The Ants Go Marching 3 1/2 By 3 1/2 Hoorah Hoorah

Earlier today a loud explosion had me almost peeing my pants for the 3rd time this week (ya 3rd – I dont tell you guys everything). By the 4th explosion I realized what it was, i’d dumped the ice chest outside earlier including several small bottles of juice, which then fermented and exploded. Now the whole place reeks of pruno, the convicts are getting nostalgic, and im wondering if the ants will be on it the way they are everything else. Lord knows theyll clean it up faster than I will. Kinda mixed feelings on that, I dislike heroin+0pp0 addicts, drunks, and babies for the same reason – omg are you dead or just passed out?! Plus I dunno if I can even draw a penis on a face that small but ive got a fine tipped sharpie so I guess ill try.

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