That Little Rascal Flip

Sittin’ laughing my ass off at Bing who was waking the world up yelling if anyone had a cigarette. When I gave her one she told me she was hired to haunt the neighborhood for smokes. I asked if she was the ghost of lung cancer past and said she should ask for a raise. I again got lost going down the street like an idiot. Brain damage is lame. Getting lost was extra lame since its a dirt road and she’s in a push wheelchair. Ran and got Mic to push Bing cuz im a weakling (yes all before 6am).
After finding out we’re both banned from Handlebar I told her i wanted to get fx makeup and sneak in all mrs doubtfire but it’d be hard to do for us both maybe. She offered she could put pigtails on her stump or tattoo it to look like a nipple.

She said fuck it she’d just wear a leg and call that her disguise. Then “Cant we just wear moustaches?”
We finally settled on a giant trenchcoat with her on my shoulders. Gonna disguise ourselves as an adult to sneak into the bar.

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