Yo Ho Yo Homies A Slabbers Life For Me

I somehow ended up at the internet cafe and pirates this morning. Rhubarb told me to come say hi and for whatever reason I want to sculpt a chess set i have no actual use for, and hes an avid player so after some morning drama (my ride is an asshole and took off withContinue reading “Yo Ho Yo Homies A Slabbers Life For Me”

This Rainbow Tastes Like Hell

Its so freaking hot my skittles melted. In the shade. They coagulated into one giant skittle and I was forced to taste the entire rainbow at once. I know I said the heat doesnt bother me but damn, it was too much rainbow. (For some reason the above post is hysterical to me. My brainContinue reading “This Rainbow Tastes Like Hell”

Would You Like Fries With That?

I have a questionable past in a lot of ways. Ive been punched in the face so many times I have brain damage – obviously that isnt normal. Im not overly scared alone in the slabs cuz I can fight, if I have to. Probably. Im kinda old and crippled these days. But let meContinue reading “Would You Like Fries With That?”

I thought I’d At Least Get A Handbasket

Its hot. Its so fucking hot. For hours each day you can do nothing because even going 60 down the highway the air is so hot it’ll burn your skin. You have to stay in the deep shade or you will be a puddle of sweat in seconds – sweat streaming into your eyes soContinue reading “I thought I’d At Least Get A Handbasket”

I Guess Im Not Gonna Run For President

Ok so ya, I signed up for OnlyFans. I doubt ill do any like…porn porn with things being inserted in things (doesnt that sound sexy) but there are pics of me naked. Heres the thing. Im mostly shameless and I feed/take care of a lot of people. I do that after losing everything repeatedly. IContinue reading “I Guess Im Not Gonna Run For President”

Your Rapture Invite Got Lost In The Mail

People dont like to be preached at – thats pretty much an established fact. So why do we still approach spirituality and talking about God like that? Just wondering really.I havent known how to explain what God sounds like, though ive been asked repeatedly. Im autistic and struggle with communicating – its very rare forContinue reading “Your Rapture Invite Got Lost In The Mail”

If You Lived Here You Would Be Home Right Now

So I made an offer on renting the laundromat but its a low one because the co-op is a non-profit. If I dont get it i’ll probably get a room at the motel for a month so I can get work done. We’ll get a laundromat either way it might just be a slabby one.Continue reading “If You Lived Here You Would Be Home Right Now”

This Aint Italy So Hold The Venetian Sausage

I know that title makes zero sense but sometimes blogging is really hard. Earlier I was thinking about what to write while digging but all I could think was its illegal to swim in the canal but if you should happen to fall in at night I bet every clump that floated by would makeContinue reading “This Aint Italy So Hold The Venetian Sausage”

Flash Flood – Is That The Like Public Group Dancing?

It poured rain for a couple hours last night. The dugout was ok, I knew it would rain eventually so the water was mostly diverted. Ruby was worried and wanted to get me a raft but never brought one (may have been a lil hard to find in the desert lol), but there was justContinue reading “Flash Flood – Is That The Like Public Group Dancing?”