So It Goes

I havent posted in forever so im not even sure what to say. To catch you up – still homeless. Found out my issues were being caused by an infection in my jaw and brain damage. Sister still wont let me even see my son and will surely rot in hell for it.


God started talking to me. Literally. I hear a voice. It has now led to a lot of strange occurences and saving of people so that not only i believe it other people gave me the nickname Oracle.

Bryon got out of prison. I went and found him cuz i literally had no one and nowhere to go.

Took months but headed to southern californua to be near my son even though he probably thinks im dead. My family are monsters doing that to us.

Ended up travelling in an RV all the way south near the border of mexico when God suddenly told me to go to a place called Slab City.

Bryon started using drugs again which turned him psychotic so I left him. Took months to truly get away though because help is impossible ro find.

Got screwed over by Bryon so bad i literally have nothing but whats in my backpack.

And….here we are. Might as well actually start writing about this insanity.

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