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To further catch the blog up here are some random posts from facebook since ive gotten to Slab City:

So I got a slab name. You dont pick one someone just gives you one randomly I guess (im pretty sure these people are a autistic lol – who else randomly nicknames everything?) Anyways its Oracle. At first I sighed and rolled my eyes but it sounds a lot like debacle and barnacle (if theres anyone who stubbornly sticks to their crazy life its me) and reminds me of fat ladies who bake everyone cookies.
I like it.

(I helped train someone’s puppy. Slab Dogs are a unique breed…) I live in an episode of the Jerky Boys. I have no idea what the yellow thing on Windowlicker (Winnie)’s head is. She’s always getting into everything. Always. Unless she’s been told not to touch it specifically. Every single item in the entire world. She’ll try to take a chair. She’s very smart and a really good puppy though so she will listen if you tell her no unless it’s paper or a tool. The tool thing is beyond aggravating but makes sense – all the humans in her pack seem obsessed with them. So im going to try to teach her to retrieve tools lost in the desert dust. You never know. She’s still so young she stumbles on the step out the door every single time she goes out. We have gone zero days without her falling off the bed. Or pooping inside. Sigh. Worst slab horse ever.

Last night while walking home a man tried to grab me and when that failed he tried to run me over. Yes, I know who it was. They are not mentally ill (in an obvious way anyhow), drives really nice cars (with no good explanation on how), and i’d felt had been stalking me. Yesterday a friend told me they were stalking Bryon. )Probably to intercept me as I had just left him after getting the last of my stuff.) If you live in Slab City you can pm me for details for your safety but … I cant believe im saying this… if you see him and can stand to, please contact authorities. If you know me you know I dont trust police, they appear to enjoy hurting me and have never helped anything. This could be someone’s missing daughter or mom though and unlike my heartless sister I wont leave another mom in the dark about their childs whereabouts. So im making the report. Even if it does no good, pisses people off, or gets me arrested and beat. (I have a warrant too.). I considered an anonymous report but for sure that wouldnt be taken seriously. I might not be believed anyways cuz ill also be honest about speaking to God if it comes up since his command to blind them with my flashlight, drop into a bush, then skitter to another while he was reversing is what saved me probably. There was a witness and I doubt they’ll be willing to speak up but I have to. I am my sister’s keeper even if she wouldnt do it for me. If he does face slab justice i’d just ask his belongings not be burned in case they belonged to somebody. Alanna Bo if youre around I could use some advice on how to proceed. Im scared to death honestly. So its Sunday and im up praying for the same thing as always – that my sister will develop a heart or conscience and let me see my baby but id also really appreciate any prayers for me and slab city and our safety, if you do that sort of thing.
Happy Easter everybody.

The Slab City facebook groups are the biggest collection of douchebags ever. (I’m sorry but it’s the truth – doll artists would you say there was such a thing as a group bitchier than dolls? I found some. And their male. It’s like they’re all PMSing all the time.) Anyways back to not using those groups. Sorry but I don’t even deal with little girls who whine like that.) Except skatepark. Or if any of you own Slab City groups put a link 🙂 Otherwise it can wait a bit while I make lists I guess. I may not even bother with them because they pretty worthless honestly. No one can speak without getting attacked so its not worth the effort. Oh and im keeping the group i was told to delete cuz whatcha gonna do about it when no one can hear your girly whining. Seriously though – sigh – I probably have missed some people. If there’s camps im not in contact would you tag them or something.

(They have since completely failed at being a safe haven sadly.)

I am sitting here watching a woman sleep. She’d been left at the bar. She lives out of her vehicle and has nowhere to go and was left in Slab City in a bar, where she had lost her phone and had no idea on how to get back.
Im not saving her though. Yeah shes passed out in the “last lawless place” or an anarchist commune…but no one will touch her here. The bar shut down to silence then guys walked her around until her phone was found. She’s cozy and warm now and im watching her because we collectively agreed that since she’d been drinking she might wake up early and feel shame and rush off. She told me she had nowhere to go and is homeless but is trying to stay close to where her kids are although her ex wont let her see them. I told her my sister stole my son so i probably cant help there but no one is homeless, shes home now and safe. Then she fell asleep. Im waiting so she knows when she wakes up i really meant it, and then im hopefully gonna introduce her to my family. There is zero doubt that they will accept her or try to help her – one found her phone and is still up too. Cuz yanno, i might be cold or lonely waiting lol.
I love these people. The world is trying to throw away the wrong people. These degenerates, this island of misfit toys, they are the world changers and they are amazing.

In Slab City if there isnt a fence around it you can live there. Wherever you go…there you are. Anyways we’re staying at the Handlebar/skatepark because a woman was assaulted so im not moving til im sure she’s safe. Anyways I just realized… I live in a bar parking lot. Hahahaha!

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