Pot Meet Kettle – You Both Suck

So apparently Sonya has been telling…literally anyone who will listen…im escorting, which has forced me into this completely awkward post since not only is my ex harrassing me I also got to fight off an attempted rape and get to disappoint damn near every man I know when they work up the courage to ask only to hear no. Their sad boy faces bum me out. Don’t ya think maybe if that were the case i’d have a few bucks now and then? I know im getting old but damn, give me some credit. What really happened was I made a joke about needing a cold drink before I started turning tricks for it or something to that effect. That and some people fail at being decent humans. Just to clarify if I say my kingdom for a soda I am not in fact offering to crown anyone. Believing I stay in arguably the poorest place in the state to prostitute is beyond stupid but I did hear you were a bit slow, come to think of it. Let me help and spell it out.

Newsflash: Guess what? If someone you know talks shit about everyone they know, what do you think the odds are they dont do the same to you as soon as you leave the room? Yep, pretty much zero. At least in the rumors about me im ballin’ literally and figuratively, there’s a huge chance you’re being called the sad sack who couldnt even pay her for it.

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