Ohana Means Family

This morning a friend of mine went to pick up a young man i often call my son, Robert, from jail. Yeah thats 2 out of 3, big fail as a mom (theyre adopted) Only was it? I told Robert i was going to intervention him and itd be less awkward if hed go before i had to break out the sad letter. We’d come up with all these scenarios, what to bargain with but he just… agreed. Now Robert is lost because he lost Sara, as did her mom – who stared in shock then at one of our interventionists who volunteered “ill go if you go too.” Then Chelsea agreed to go cuz jail doesnt teach you how to deal with freedom. Go ask Bryon i told them and hes coming and one id never met, Gino, was nabbed along the way. They sent out messages and im pretty sure i should count some others in but honestly my heart is already too full. Im no June Cleaver but i can hear all my kids laughing over loud music, not because theyre high but full of hope. My financial issues are clearing up and these kids who have every reason to grab what they can out of life after it so hurt them decided to get it together, to support my vision of a nonprofit where we can help our whole community. All the children of Ohana House are off to learn to live totally free. Theyve been adults since they were babies but i think theyre actually finally ready to live. Im so proud. So grateful these are my friends. My family. My community. Brave enough to be flawed. They have a big task byt an even bigger one upon return. We dont want to just rid ourselves of addiction, we’re saying goodbye to loneliness and poverty for our neighbors too. So welcome my most important investment of my most important assets, my love and my time. Its officially official, it got donations, a license and its got a helluva lot of heart. And always and forever it, and they, have got me. Now that so many are leaving ive finally got hope we’ve got them. It took 6 years, 6 lives (rip TJ, Vanessa, Courtney. Mario, Misty, and Sara i see your hand in this so thank you, and finally may you rest in peace.), and now 6 hearts dedicated to change. You guys it took all that and 40 years but i think ive found where i belong. So welcome my family, friends, and family yet to be met and welcome Ohana House! Welcome everybody, to our home.

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