Let Me Sing You the Song Of My People

When schizophrenics are manic or stressed they often talk/type with a very singsong, almost poetic manner. Since this often leads to a lot of extraneous words or peculiar wording it can alarm or confuse people who arent accustomed to it.

I dont have a problem understanding though and kinda like it except its so often a sign of distress. One reason I probably like it is because it is a trait many autistics possess. It seems to be more a sign of a tendency to be non-verbal with us however. I am very particular about the word I end a sentence in and the number of syllables each word in a sentence has. That one had to end with “has” for example, because i had already used possess in another sentence. The sentence before it has a longer word at the beginning middle and end you’d notice, if you paid attention to that sorta thing. I do.

I have often wondered if a lot of schizophrenics might actually hear radio signals, not hallucinated voices. I always ask them if they touch a radio attenae does the signal improve considerably? It does for everyone because of how our bodies conduct electricity or somesuch but they almost always say yes and so much so its a little weird and unsettling. I noticed a few years ago that not only do I do that any building made of metal I live in like a trailer starts having trouble picking up a cell signal inside eventually.

Our brains fill in so much information for us, that we’re mostly unaware of. If you have a spot on your glasses after awhile your brain just decides what logically should be there and you stop seeing the spot. I noticed when I was nearly totally blind suddenly everyone i met looked sorta looked like a celebrity. I think it was my faceblind and blind blind brains attempt to remember new people.

If a person heard random disembodied words and had been traumatized (and almost all non neurotypical people are by our school system) it would make sense if their brain settled on hurtful phrases it had experienced. And it might tend to make them speak in a singsong along with unheard music when their guard was down. Do I hear God or is it the collective human consciousness that speaks to me or am I really just crazy? I dont honestly think im crazy although I often joke about it. Yet I definetely hear something others dont, and it knows things I am unaware of.

I believe autism is evolution – if you think about it many autistic traits are ideal for a human that wont hurt the planet the way we currently do, or cause wars and violence because of how prone to error verbal communication is. Many autistics have comorbidities that make life unbearable but time and time and again I can trace them back to trauma. Of course a lot of autistics speak then stop suddenly as toddlers. That is when humans discover words can get you in trouble and things you do can have unintended painful consequences. It makes perfect sense that many would choose to just not deal with that. And since we know if humans dont acquire fluent speech by a certain age they are unlikely to ever acquire it because those connections in the brain never formed and eventually withered away, of course it then becomes permanent.

Whatever the answer there is zero doubt in my mind that one day the people of our era will be looked on as monsters in the way we treated the mentally ill and those in poverty. If autism is the human brain evolving then the fact theres a slow but steady increase in the number of people with it makes perfect sense. And not adjusting their environment so its bearable is literally crippling our species and by extension our planet.

Just something to think about I guess.

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