I’m Just Here For The Participation Prize

I talked awhile back about what I do for a living. Apparently there’s still a lot of confusion on the issue. Right now – not a whole lot. My life has been such a disaster its been a full time job just keeping from… well, more disaster. My growing-up-bestie’s mom asked earlier today in fact.

I told her affiliate marketing, because that happened to be what I was doing. I also do some drop-shipping, the webhost is up, I do social media management. I even sell domains. When all is said and done though I’m in marketing so I get to pick my title as long as I can sell it, and I refer to myself as a marketing specialist. My specialty is viral content marketing. I haven’t done much email marketing but that’s also on this week’s agenda. I have written a few e-books for clients but the time has finally come to write one myself.

What to write about has long been the question but I finally stumbled upon the title and we all know the most important part is the headline, right? So here’s mine: How To Sell a Burning Bridge: The Art of Anti-social Media Marketing.

Do you know how to get your crush down at the grocery store to notice you on facebook even if he doesn’t know your name? I do. How about stalking your boyfriend so you can see every post or picture he’s liked? The likelihood of getting someone stabbed is in fact how we judge the success of a book at The Doll Asylum in fact.

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