I Have An Idea

Ok guys I want to tell you my plan. I know you aren’t supposed to do that but id be stoked if people stole it. I need you to tell me if it makes sense, is stupid, etc. I can take it. I’ve only spent 3 years working on it. Sorry its gonna be long, but I really need feedback. For those that don’t know I live in Slab City California. Its a very unique place. And yes I included badly drawn diagrams. I’ll make nicer ones lol
I am going to open a campground. 4 of them actually. Land is very cheap here. I can get 20 acres for $8000. I’ll then break that up into 4 parcels, 5 acres each. Each will have an easement designating an acre in the center for public use. Meaning whoever owns the land they must allow public use of that acre. The 4 acres in the center will have a kitchen, bathroom, game/hangout, community garden/nursery, animal pens (chickens), septic for RV dumping, and water towers/solar. The nursery is because we’re going to make it all a food forest. A man designed one that only needs to be watered once a month and they’re reforesting the Sahara. The plants will be expensive though. We’ll of course get the licenses and permits for campgrounds. It is legal for campground managers to live on grounds year round. All other residents will be subject to the legal limits which are 14 or 29 days depending. But they will be able to just move campgrounds which stretches it 4-6 months which should be enough time. The campsites will be listed on Hipcamp because they will give us limited insurance.
So each campground will have 3 sites and part of the money they earn will go to buying the managers land. Meaning when it gets paid off they will own that acre to do as they will. If they want to keep the campground the money would then start being applied toward the 5 acres. If not they become permanent residents and a new manager moves in and there’s only 2 sites for camping. We repeat the process until it’s full, then start all over again. There is 160 acres for $50k. That is actually not that much money if I could get funding. So does that all make sense and what could be improved and how? I might be crazy crazy but I think I could truly change lives.
And a quick shout out to Michael S Kinney who doesn’t know how much he inspires people.

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  1. Was so happy to see a post from you!! Sounds great!! I volunteer to be a campground host!! Let me know when I move in!! & Amber Clyde, you don’t know how much YOU inspire people!! You can change the world!!! Love you always!!!

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