I Guess Im Not Gonna Run For President

Ok so ya, I signed up for OnlyFans. I doubt ill do any like…porn porn with things being inserted in things (doesnt that sound sexy) but there are pics of me naked. Heres the thing. Im mostly shameless and I feed/take care of a lot of people. I do that after losing everything repeatedly. I can barely see half the time, have a bad back that often incapacitates me, and am likely crazy. No one is looking to hire or date me. I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me and a pic takes 30 seconds. Im going to try to get disability but who knows how long that will take and in the meantime we need to eat. Honestly I still cant believe people would pay to see my tits but so be it. I asked God if I was sinning and was told it isnt a sin to take care of my people and humans are too obsessed with their own plumbing (this is often the answer to any question about gender or sexuality)

Im also adding whatever pics and writing I have that doesnt get shared anywhere but that’ll be free.

And because I really dont say it enough – thank you to everyone who has supported me through this insane journey. You are everything to me. My family. Ohana.


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