Hookers & Booze

A colleague/troll just argued with me that saying I was going to spend donations on hookers and booze was a bad move, marketing-wise, as people who do donations have higher moral standards. I respectfully disagree. I feel like if hookers and booze are what you need then people will want you to have your hookers and booze and also maybe the donators are hookers who would sympathize and give up their booze. And last who are you to determine if hookers

and booze are godly, God? Shut up hooker and drink your booze. I had a couple more points but this has degenerated into an attempt to say hookers and booze as many times as possible. Ok I’m done. Anyways thanks for listening, I thank all you hookers and your booze and raise my glass to yous. Ok really done now. Hookers and booze. Sorry, now I am. #TryingToMake #HookersAndBooze #Viral #ItsAboutDamnTime #OhanaHouse

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