Holey Shit

Since Bryon left me in Slab City with nothing but the clothes on my back and price on my head (someone stole his car so he paid someone to retrieve it but I didnt have it and the person he “hired” is highly intelligent and realized I was the victim in this situation) ive been digging every day in an attempt to keep cool and eventually build an earthship. The theory is if you dig deep enough youll stay a steady 65 degrees. That isnt exactly true because of the nature of the desert (the excess heat mostly comes from the ground not air) but my design includes a wind tunnel and it is noticeably cooler in there even though im only 1/3 of the way down.

I mostly get to the bottom via tumbling dramatically down a ramp but visitors object so i started cutting steps and snapped a pic. All of Slab City has clay at some depth more or less (the whole desert does) but the spot i have settled on turns to clay at about 3′ and ive gone 8′ with no end in sight. At 4-5′ it turns to totally pure clean clay and the most ive ever seen in one place outside of a clay mine. Must be where it pooled before the canal when it floods.

Eventually im going to sculpt life sized dragons but in the meantime all ive sculpted is piles of poop so i can laugh when people carefully step through the yard. Gonna make dog sized dragon poops too and i have no idea why i dont have more visitors and my place is the shit. Or an artistic representation anyway.

Just wish it resulted im less sand in my crack. Literally and figuratively.

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