Fuck Mornings But Praise The Lord

Yesterday I went and got Alien just in the nick of time to go to Ernie’s. That is a guy who comes to the slabs with food and useful items he raffles off every month (the items not the food). Thats where I got my wheelbarrow. Hes really sweet and next level nice of course. There is a sermon first but he keeps it really short because of the heat. I still barely made it to the end though, was kinda struggling to breathe but I blamed Kat’s little fatass refusal to walk there. Then we went back to Alien’s and I gave him my card and he went off to buy ice and I passed out in his hammock. He woke me up and gave me a cold drink then laughed hysterically when I fell asleep and dumped it all over myself. Thanks dude. By then I knew I was gonna puke and wanted to be alone so I asked him to cart food over to me later and all but ran home in the worst heat of the day and got there just in time to begin barfing, which kept up til sundown. By then I was crying just about the smell of camp which is now eau de vomit. I dont remember anything else but I apparently managed to drag a rug and blanket down into the hole and pass out clutching Kat and a gallon of water.

Almost every morning my neighbor Gonzo wakes me up. I have no idea why he does this im not a morning person and not happy to see him, I think he figured out I sleep naked sometimes or he just gets bored, but he usually throws down a soda and smoke so I havent killed him for it yet. So I just got woken up, and im alive apparently, but I am not thrilled about it. No idea what I caught but I dont have the falling over fatigue I did with dysentary so probably food poisoning. To say I eat questionable food often would be an understatement. The Handlebar is insanely lazy about food donations and cant be bothered to put them in a cooler so I told people to not bring anything that needs to be refridgerated from there here but im usually ignored. And honestly none of us are real careful about washing utensils or anythimg like that. Water here is too scarce and pretty much everything is trying to kill us non-stop and many of us have the kind of traumatic past that makes us just laugh and say “bring it bitch” to the grim reaper. Anyways ya. Good morning. Damn it all.

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