Dog Out!

Slab City has a sort of universal command all slab dogs are taught via someone screaming it while throwing things at them while they steal their stuff. The command is Dog Out and it works better than stop or no when a dog goes after you while walking.

The best method though is to throw a hot dog or other treat at them as they run up. The downside is they may then choose to visit daily in an attempt to spange (beg – like spare change said quickly) for treats like Luna and Lucy here. Its a really cute problem to have though. Slab Dogs are a force unto themselves but in my experience most homeless people treat their dogs extremely well and like an extension of themselves.

I hardly ever leave Kat behind and unless shes on a barking kick or we’re walking and theres dangers i might need to snatch her up quickly from she doesnt need to be leashed to stay within earshot of me. She knows i might wander off or worse…pet another dog, otherwise.

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