I Guess Im Not Gonna Run For President

Ok so ya, I signed up for OnlyFans. I doubt ill do any like…porn porn with things being inserted in things (doesnt that sound sexy) but there are pics of me naked. Heres the thing. Im mostly shameless and I feed/take care of a lot of people. I do that after losing everything repeatedly. IContinue reading “I Guess Im Not Gonna Run For President”

Evil Exists and Its In Charge of Our Children

Today I tried to see my son. I went in ready to do whatever they wanted, no matter how humiliating, or illegal. Though it isn’t court ordered they insisted on a drug test. They did say I needed to do their intake. I didn’t want to – that worker said in court documents that myContinue reading “Evil Exists and Its In Charge of Our Children”

Boogie Board To The Angels, Billy.

Boogie is a serious asshole to walk. A friend “gave” her to me, then promptly died so I couldn’t refuse the gift. She barks on command but listens to the commands of no man, and is a stubborn little shit-stirrer. She’ll travel for hours in a backpack though, completely silent, she won’t get you kickedContinue reading “Boogie Board To The Angels, Billy.”

And One For The Homies

Never have I ever… Smelled the smell of burning flesh. Never have I ever… seen a man tortured to death… Never have I ever… called an ambulance for a man who was not sick but starving to death. Never have I ever… been held down by people while others hurt me. Never have I ever…Continue reading “And One For The Homies”

What Trickery Is This?

So we’re stuck in/by Red Bluff. They’re kinda unfriendly around here (that will offend someone lol). I didn’t particularly want to come here and almost left on foot when my car was taken over. We got dragged all over NorCal ending in a standoff at the walmart where they wouldn’t give back my car. IContinue reading “What Trickery Is This?”

Ohana Means Family

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Hush Lil Baby Don’t Say A Word

This is Robert. (If you pass out at my house we’re gonna take a selfie. Grief does not excuse you. Rules are rules.) I refer to him as my son, it’s easier, but obviously he’s not mine. Christina calls me the Angelina Jolie of the avenues, due to the color variation of my adopted kids.Continue reading “Hush Lil Baby Don’t Say A Word”