C Is For Cookie

I can’t remember if I’ve ever painted my son but I sketched one today for John. My son doesn’t talk much and what he does say is in a sort of code. So we use pictures for a lot, and usually I can decipher his meaning. We understand each other, most of the time. Often when he’s caught being naughty he blames a mysterious monster. Or as he says a mysterious mystery. I’ve never seen the dude myself so I remain skeptical. One time when I was totally fed up with him and yelled “why are you doing that?!” He started sobbing and said “I’m a monster!” And my heart just dropped. Just broke into a billion pieces. I was about to start sobbing myself when he started laughing hysterically. He crawled in my lap, 8 years old and too big really but he insists. And he still belly laughs like a toddler too, hysterical giggles that make everyone smile. I asked what was so funny and he explained the best he could, replying “Im a cookie monster.”. He couldnt think of anything else to say and told me hi a few times but I understood. “That’s right kid you just lose your shit sometimes. I know you’re trying and are a really good boy. Ain’t no shame in really loving cookies either.” I thought about how when I was little my mom and I had this game where we’d take turns saying I love you more than _______ and naming things we liked. I looked and my little monster was literally climbing a wall but it’s better than on the roof so I decided to just let him. I said instead “I love you more than cookie monster loves cookies buddy.” He just ignored me but maybe ill put this on the back of the painting and he’ll read it one day and know I really really do. #Autism #ArtHeals #ArtTherapy #OhanaHouse

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