This morning I was sitting in front of a mirror John broke. Sometimes he gets so upset he bangs his head. And I snapped a pic. I looked at it… Dirty, broken, incomplete; I thought this is my life. Those things but also colorful, happy, still believing there’s good in the world. I will beContinue reading “Doppleganger”

Hookers & Booze

A colleague/troll just argued with me that saying I was going to spend donations on hookers and booze was a bad move, marketing-wise, as people who do donations have higher moral standards. I respectfully disagree. I feel like if hookers and booze are what you need then people will want you to have your hookersContinue reading “Hookers & Booze”

C Is For Cookie

I can’t remember if I’ve ever painted my son but I sketched one today for John. My son doesn’t talk much and what he does say is in a sort of code. So we use pictures for a lot, and usually I can decipher his meaning. We understand each other, most of the time. OftenContinue reading “C Is For Cookie”

Hush Lil Baby Don’t Say A Word

This is Robert. (If you pass out at my house we’re gonna take a selfie. Grief does not excuse you. Rules are rules.) I refer to him as my son, it’s easier, but obviously he’s not mine. Christina calls me the Angelina Jolie of the avenues, due to the color variation of my adopted kids.Continue reading “Hush Lil Baby Don’t Say A Word”

Hello, I Love You Won’t You Tell Me Your Name

This morning I took a cab to walmart to pick up phones I ordered. As I waited I thought how much safer id be with one. I also got a restraining order today. I thought about how that didnt make me feel safe, Bryon and I broke up awhile ago but it wasnt goodbye thoughContinue reading “Hello, I Love You Won’t You Tell Me Your Name”