And The Green Grass Grows All Around And Around

I have no way of measuring how far down I am (yes I dragged my giant dunpster mirror down) but im hanging the first layer of shade that isnt over the hole. Supposedly you need 5 layers of shade with adaquete airflow between each for maximum cooling. It still isnt cool enough at the bottom to not need some sort of help like a spray down or fan, but only at the worst part of the day. Plus the uppermost level of shade I had up fell down so it could be better if id get my ass up. I’d guess i’m around 8-10 feet down. I’m going for 15, if it isn’t cool enough there. I might go up to 20. Digging doesnt bother me but I hate the smell of sweat. Then ill start digging outward and make it bigger. Its only just big enough for me to sleep in right now. Which is just as well since any time someone is brave enough to climb down they realize just how much cooler it is and I dont need endless visitors right now lol

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