SSDD Same Shit Different Day

Its really weird when God tries to cheer you up. I just felt like sharing that.

Hung out at the internet cafe for awhile to charge my phone and watched some poor bastard from the pirates get stung by a bee on the roof of his mouth.

Went to Wranglers Roost cuz they both have the best hamburgers and they also sell batteries. Only they were out of aaa’s and theres no way ill find my way home in the dark without google maps so slept in the dirt at Heylels. Pebbles is staying there and makes me laugh. I know she has a lot of enemies but I think she’s doing really well and I am fond of her. I gave her a fuzzy blanket, sweater, and socks and she made the choice to not use and just go to bed. Im really proud of her actually. She’s really trying and thats all you can ask of a person.

But what do you do with someone whose rock bottom is death? Im serious. What if they’re such a savage there’s no life too rough? I really need to know.

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